My name is Carson McCready; thus “Carson’s Voice.” Welcome to my opinion blog where I try to be as factually accurate as possible. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a highschool student living in Michigan. My interests include writing, yoga, cheesecake, and making a difference in the world. That’s basically the point of this blog. I’m here to share well written opinions about what’s going on out there past the computer screen.

I currently work at Planned Parenthood as a Peer Educator, which means you can ask me anything about the Sex Ed you should have received in school but didn’t. Once I finish all the training for that and blog enough, the communications manager, Julie, will accept me as her intern.

My goal is to make a difference. This website is my first stepping stone. Julie says to be a writer you just “get out there and do it!” So here I am out here doing it. My name is Carson McCready and I have a voice.