Let’s discuss this recent internet hashtag and real world movement of #BlackLivesMatter. Should it be #AllLivesMatter? Should there be a #BlueLivesMatter? Are all cops bad cops? Are all black people innocent people? As an opinionated advocacy writer, I cannot be afraid to bring up controversial questions like these.

So here’s the deal: in this country right now, we are faced with the tension building stage of a race war. You can deny it as much as you deny global warming or that proper sex ed prevents teen pregnancy, but it’s true. Where is all this coming from? Have all police suddenly started hating all black people? No, of course not. Bad cops have been shooting unarmed black men since 2014, as reported by Buzzfeed. But as our history books so conveniently skimmed over, we have learned that bad cops have been shooting unarmed black men since guns were invented. That means that only now are people using their access to internet (which they’ve had access to since the 1990s) to call attention to the injustice our black brothers and sisters are facing, and the fact that their lives matter.

It’s fair to say that #BlackLivesMatter because what seems like a wide portion of our society has forgotten that they DO matter. No one has ever forgotten that white lives matter. We are an oppressive percentage of the population that time and time again has taken land, killed and raped women and their children, spread disease, shipped their husbands and sons off to plantations, and used them for our own economical gain. White people haven’t been discriminated against since Christianity began to emerge in Rome, where they were stoned and burned for their beliefs; and that wasn’t even in America. White people do not deserve a hashtag. Black people should not need a hashtag. Black people should receive the same respect and rights that white people are born with.

So if it isn’t fair to create #AllLivesMatter, is it fair to create #BlueLivesMatter in support of police respect and rights? Apparently the way to fight a small group of people who have hatred towards your entire race is to band into a small group of your people who have hatred towards the opposer’s entire race. Right? That’s how it works? That must have been what MLK’s vision for us was. The point is that police are being brutalized too and it solves next to nothing. The killing of innocence must end, no matter what group they belong to. Not all police are bad. Not all blacks are bad. Many police are good. Many blacks are good. The rest fall somewhere in between. That’s how it is with whites, teachers, doctors, Christians, Muslims, and the rest of the human race.

“Everyone you will ever meet is both a mirror and a teacher.” -Anonymous

Be peaceful to yourself and others around you, no matter who they are.