Carson, What Do You Need A Blog For?

That’s a great question. Why do people make blogs? When we think of blogs, the general prototype that comes to mind is the fifteen year old girl totally pube-ing out, full of angst and extra cheese pizza. Or maybe we think of the stay-at-home mom who makes a mean casserole and Halloween is coming up so she better update her Pinterest board. But really a blog’s purpose, though unique to each individual owner, is a means of self expression through sharing words, facts, pictures, and other forms of media language.

So yes I created a blog for self expression. Ever since I started kindergarten my reason for living was to learn and change the world. Julie says this is one of the ways to do it so here I am.

On this blog I’m here to talk about social injustice. I’m here to be a force of change in my community. You’ll be reading about my opinions and promotions of gender, racial, religious, age, housing, sexual orientation, and educational equality. Equality means FOR ALL.

After a few more blog posts I’ll probably move this into the Home or About page so readers won’t have to search for an explanation of why I need a blog. Also a disclaimer: I will be actively re-reading and editing my posts so if you see a grammatical, syntactical, or factual error, do not hesitate to leave a comment on the post or contact me. Peer editors make young writers stronger!