I came across this video on Facebook and because I’m a vegetarian it’s really important to me. I’m against eating meat because my religion frowns upon it due to the fact that we’re really into doing no harm to other living things. I don’t have a problem with people choosing to eat meat. I have a problem with people not recognizing the cruelty these edible animals are exposed to. Animal rights workers have been capturing videos while working undercover on farms. Real quick, check out the truth: 12, and 3. There are many other videos like these and easily accessible documentaries out there such as Food Inc., Cowspiracy, and Vegucated.

Whether you participate in consuming meat  or not, this video is for you. Meat production is a want economized as a necessity and the practice of it ruins our planet in more ways than one. Meat production contributes to green house gasses, diseases, deforestation, and even world hunger. Time magazine informs us that our meat and dairy production is massive, and that it contributes greatly to our carbon footprint. It’ll be hard to enjoy a turkey leg when you can’t breathe the outside’s air and starving people keep knocking on your door hoping you can spare some change.

This video informs us though that a compromise between vegans and meat eaters is in fact possible! Watch the video to find out why and how.