Fresh Start

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything. I think my last post was in August or something. I hadn.t posted in so long for a number of reasons. I went back to school, Seasonal Affect Disorder kicked in, and I began to seriously doubt myself as a writer. I was intimidated by my own potential and other bloggers out there. There are some bloggers who don’t even have to edit what they type before posting it, and some bloggers have a natural talent for aesthetic blog layouts. But I was comparing someone else’s middle to my beginning. And where did that get me? Back to square one with my blogging skills totally fried.

I know that isn’t proper blogger etiquette so I apologize to my current readers, future readers, and myself. I’m apologizing to myself because this blog really is intended for me. I barely have more than two followers, who am I trying to impress? Just myself. I want to use this blog to practice writing and have a place to express myself. Thus, as of now, this blog is for posting about anything I want yet still maintain the central theme of my journey as an activist and argumentative writing. Also I need to figure out some kind of quirky send off for my posts. Something like “happy reading :)” or perhaps “continue on with the strength of a thousand feminists.” Something charming.