Transgender Olympian 

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Though my parents support the rights of transgender people, I wasn’t raised forced to believe the same as them. When I was younger, before they even taught me what gender meant, I saw a news broadcast about a young person born female, who felt that he was born in the wrong body. The news story covered the dysphoria he felt trapped in a female body, and how his parents felt he was supposed to live as the girl he was born as. As a small child, I saw his suffering, and felt so sad he was born in the wrong body. It broke me small heart to see a boy crying because of something he so badly wanted to change and couldn’t. And as a child I decided that people who are not the gender they were born as, no matter who they are, deserve to feel validated and loved. They deserve the rights they were born with before they realized they were born in the wrong body. That is what happens when you allow children to decide what they believe in. They choose understanding, comparison, sympathy, and love. Congratulations to the first transgender man on team USA. You are a role model for what people like you – people facing hatred and judgment – can do.


Compromise for Vegans and Meat Eaters

I came across this video on Facebook and because I’m a vegetarian it’s really important to me. I’m against eating meat because my religion frowns upon it due to the fact that we’re really into doing no harm to other living things. I don’t have a problem with people choosing to eat meat. I have a problem with people not recognizing the cruelty these edible animals are exposed to. Animal rights workers have been capturing videos while working undercover on farms. Real quick, check out the truth: 12, and 3. There are many other videos like these and easily accessible documentaries out there such as Food Inc., Cowspiracy, and Vegucated.

Whether you participate in consuming meat  or not, this video is for you. Meat production is a want economized as a necessity and the practice of it ruins our planet in more ways than one. Meat production contributes to green house gasses, diseases, deforestation, and even world hunger. Time magazine informs us that our meat and dairy production is massive, and that it contributes greatly to our carbon footprint. It’ll be hard to enjoy a turkey leg when you can’t breathe the outside’s air and starving people keep knocking on your door hoping you can spare some change.

This video informs us though that a compromise between vegans and meat eaters is in fact possible! Watch the video to find out why and how.

Stop The Hate

This may seem like old news but I ask you to watch this video to remember that hateful acts of violence happen and we cannot shut our eyes to them. Because of just one person, forty-nine innocent people are dead. These celebrities hope to use their status to show people that these victims were real. They are not just numbers. Many of them had families and were about to embark on new adventures in their lives. Some of these victims died shielding others from bullets. Those are the type of people we have lost; selfless. This is not an act of God against gays. This is an act of violence committed by one human being. And it is a great loss for Orlando and the United States to lose such amazing people.

Here is the link to the Stop The Hate campaign website.

Show up, Stand up, Speak up

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The strongest thing allies of groups being oppressed is to speak up! People against black people do not listen with understanding and compassion to black people speaking; but they will with white people. Sympathy is not enough to support the overcoming of societal issues for oppressed groups. To stand with them means to speak with them. Same goes for a straight alliance of the lgbtq members. You think an anti-gay person will listen to a gay person tell them not to oppress them? Or will they learn from one of their own that oppressing this group is not ok? You think a man who uses the term “feminazi” will listen to a woman’s slam poetry? Or do you think they’ll learn some respect for women from a fellow bro? Being an ally means to show up, stand up, and speak up. That’s how you affect people. That’s how you make change.