Show up, Stand up, Speak up

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The strongest thing allies of groups being oppressed is to speak up! People against black people do not listen with understanding and compassion to black people speaking; but they will with white people. Sympathy is not enough to support the overcoming of societal issues for oppressed groups. To stand with them means to speak with them. Same goes for a straight alliance of the lgbtq members. You think an anti-gay person will listen to a gay person tell them not to oppress them? Or will they learn from one of their own that oppressing this group is not ok? You think a man who uses the term “feminazi” will listen to a woman’s slam poetry? Or do you think they’ll learn some respect for women from a fellow bro? Being an ally means to show up, stand up, and speak up. That’s how you affect people. That’s how you make change.

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